Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Fun and Cousins

This summer has been all about fun, family, keeping very busy, getting the air conditioning fixed in early August, and having more fun. We've been to Thanksgiving Point, the Children's Museum, the reservoir in Spanish Fork, Grandma and Poppy's pool, playgrounds, water parks, and hanging out with cousins and friends.

We still have a few more weeks of summer and can only hope to have a little more fun. 

One Birth in the Family

My sister, Emily and her husband, Jason have a new addition to their family!  Her name is Grace Elizabeth Baird. She was born early in the morning on July 8th, the day my mom and I had to leave for Girl's Camp. We were able to be there for the birth, go home and sleep for a while, and head up to camp. 

Emily is the woman!  She delivered naturally. I have never seen a delivery like it. Emily's nurse was amazing and very sweet. After Grace was born her nurse said, "Look at her lips!  They look like little rosebuds. She's so girlie!"  She is beautiful. 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long. 

Two Birthdays

Gabriel celebrated his 3rd birthday on June 8th. We had a fun party for him, and I'm still gathering pictures from other people since my old camera was acting up. He still talks about his "Thomas the Train" birthday party.

Mia celebrated her 5th birthday on July 10th. Since I was at Girl's Camp on her birthday, we had her birthday party much later, but at least we got to swim at Grandma and Poppy's house! She was also able to share the day with her cousin, Kaylee, who had a birthday later in July. 
Mia and Gabriel both got bikes for their birthdays.  Amos put them together and they have been rolling ever since.  Mia has already skinned parts of her nose on one of her wipe-outs. But for the most part, they are really enjoying their bikes! 

Summer School

I'm trying to (finally) update my blog posts to make life more interesting for those who actually care to read them.  

This summer, Mia attended preschool at BYU. She had a wonderful experience and is looking forward to starting kindergarten at BYU on August 25th. 
She celebrated her 5th birthday in July, and we brought doughnuts to share with her class.